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Duties and Responsibilities:
Assist dentist in providing dental treatment, care and education to patients. Must possess strong knowledge and skill of clinical needs, and working knowledge of back office dental procedures and dental administrative functions. Must have Expanded Duties Certificate and/or Radiography Certification upon hire.
Assist in clinical procedures and treatments.
Learn and comply with administrative procedures.
Learn and comply with OSHA laws and safety guidelines.
Maintain Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
Compliance with state and Federal infection control standards in the dental office and operatories, including but not limited to: wearing protective barriers such as gloves, scrubs, and eye wear; disinfecting and sterilizing instruments and treatment areas; and disposing properly of contaminated or bio-hazardous waste/materials.
Document and chart all dental procedures performed during each patient visit according to dentist's instructions and legal requirements.
Effectively provide dental education and information to insure patient awareness of dental health and continuing treatment.
Effectively present to patient in professional and confidential manner dental treatment plan and proposed plan for continuing treatments.
Understand and explain insurance benefits and financial options to patients in non-clinical terms.
Ensure operatories are appropriately equipped and stocked with inventory and re-order when necessary.
Maintain equipment protocols, including but not limited to: clean evacuation system, lubricate and maintain dental hand pieces, clean and maintain radiograph processors, monitor and clean equipment, clean dental lab plaster traps and maintain clean office environment.
Recognize signs of a dental emergency, and insure proper and timely response and notification to patient, staff, and emergency medical personnel when necessary.
Understand and agree to maintain production standards.
Effectively utilize and maintain a system of contact for patient follow-up/re-care.
Attend and participate in morning huddles and regular office meetings.
Adhere to uniform attire and basic personal hygiene standards per Company policy.
Attend continuing education and training seminars as scheduled.
Understand and abide by HIPAA regulations and maintain confidentiality.
Train all Patient Care Coordinators in accordance with our Dental Standard Operating Policy and procedure within 90 days so they may achieve their key result area.
Ensure that all Patient Care Coordinators follow policies listed in their employee manual to ensure constant standards.
Give direction to all Patient Care Coordinators for initiation of unscheduled procedures to ensure smooth patient flow and the highest level of patient care.
Address problems or incidents with employees as son as possible to prevent any further occurrences of the action and to enable employee to make necessary improvements in a timely manner.
Maintain a constant line of communication with the Office Manager to establish monetary goals and insurance concerns.
Ensure all Patient Care Coordinators communicate with the patient all treatment to be rendered and financial obligation prior to starting procedure to avoid patient conflict.
Patient Care Coordinators must utilize maintenance sheets according to SOP and submit on a monthly basis to Operation Specialist to ensure optimum operating conditions.
All Operatories are to be meticulously maintained at all times so that the upscale image is projected. All Operatories are to be stocked at the end of the day to ensure readiness the next morning and facilitate patient treatment beginning at morning starting time.
All Patient Care Coordinators will become trained and competent in effective treatment planning and patient motivation; and ensure that each patient be presented with a computer generate and signed estimate/consent prior to their departure to avoid miscommunication.
All other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) certification or a Registered or Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) license, according to state guidelines and limitations.
Radiography licensure.
Minimum of three-year dental experience preferred.
Excellent customer services skills and verbal communication skills.
Ability to work in high volume environment. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist