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Company Name:
CareerSource Pinellas
Must have the following in order to apply:
Bachelors degree in English, Marketing, Journalism, History, Education, or a related field.
2-4 years proposal writing and management experience in a software/technical setting.
Valid drivers license.
Required Screenings: Criminal background checks and reference check. Employer will perform testing: proposal writing assessment and personality assessment.
Job Description: The Proposal Manager will drive the overall proposal development effort for the company, as well as review requests for proposals (RFPs), request for information (RFIs), requests for quotations (RFQs), and a wide variety of other bid requests. He/she leads the process to create and submit responses involving the Company's workforce systems and solutions in a format that meets requirements and evaluation criteria identified in the requests. He/she ensures prompt, accurate, and timely creation of the RFP response by coordinating the input and resources of Senior Management, Marketing, Training, Production, Operations, Business Analysis, and Quality Assurance, and creating the responses from source documentation (e.g., past proposals). The role also includes continuous review of and knowledge of the current workforce system, continuous updating of Boilerplate proposal documents, and the coordination of assignments and tasks with available personnel.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Analyze RFPs/RFIs/RFQs for requirements and possible responses
Analyze required functionality
Identify existing documentation sources available for proposal responses
Draft the responsibilities and outline for the proposal
Create a responsibility matrix for planned tasks and creation of inputs
Create an outline of proposal response
Create a shell document for proposal response inputs
Coordinate/facilitate a kickoff meeting for proposal
Discuss outlines, plans, responsibilities, and timelines for the proposal response
Identify areas of concerns, potential problems, questions to be answered
Identify questions to ask vendors
Identify all tasks and responsibilities/assignments for proposal response
Coordinate/create questions to vendor regarding the RFP
Analyze requirements and write/create/find RFP responses matching the requirements
Find existing responses in previous proposals or boilerplate proposals
Use an actual current company system to create up-to-date screens and functionality responses
Interview and work with different departments to gather information for any responses not readily available in existing documentation
Organize the various inputs and responses to individual requirements to create a formatted and organized draft proposal
Coordinate Senior Management review of proposal content
Coordinate or perform line editing of final response for spelling/grammar/consistency
Create final master files (& PDF copies) of the documented RFP response
Print & send the final response
Print final copies
Organize, create tabs/packaging, bind
Ship (or hand deliver by plane trips on occasion)
Follow up to ensure arrival
Perform Post-Response Boilerplate clean-up/maintenance
Clean and organize folders and files
Create hard copies of RFP for reference, presentations, internal use, etc.
Identify proposal input to be incorporated back into Boilerplate documents/files
Periodically check with Marketing on status/response
Create and maintain RFP Boilerplate documents/files
Coordinate writing tasks on Boilerplate and quality review on write ups
Manage a group of Marketing/Writing personnel on Boilerplate tasks to perform/create Boilerplate documents/files with the same processes and tasks used for creating standard proposals
Perform Configuration Management of the Boilerplate files
Maintain a "Proposal History/Summary" Document (to indicate dates, descriptions, status and locations of folders for all previously completed proposals)
Maintain and reorder supplies
Maintain and reorder supplies for the color printers-toner, paper, drums, rollers, etc. (used for RFPs more than any other printing)
Maintain and reorder other needed proposal supplies (binders, tabs, labels, special binding tools, etc.)
Document editing and formatting, including: Edit technical proposals and marketing literature; Create style and format guides to define the editing and style standards for proposal as part of the Boilerplate proposal; Ensure correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling in proposals; and Set page layout or composition, and control formatting, references, and indexing of documents
Communicate and discuss proposal needs with diverse levels of the corporation
Confer with Marketing representatives and CEO to identify proposal needs
Interview Business Analysts, Project Managers, Quality Assurance, and Development personnel to clarify functionality as it fits the needs for RFP responses
Ability to establish priorities, work independently, and proceed with objectives without supervision
Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word (versions 2003 & 2007), particularly in the areas of:
Using and modifying documents with Word Styles
Creating Word Macros and Macro toolbars
Creating complex "modular" documents using Master/Sub structure
Creating complex graphics as stacked, cascading graphics anchored to paragraph text
Ability to interface within all levels of the company
Work Environment & Dress Code: Office environment. Casual dress code.
Hours: Work schedule to be determined.
Pay: DOE. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist